Money-back Guarantee

The main goal of what we do is to supply first-class essay and other works to our purchasers. We understand how significant it's for clients to know their rights and options given by our service, that's the reason we wrote this section, namely our money-back guarantee. Informing people about such things is what can help ensure hassle-free working process.

Usually, we effectively complete our main task, which is to cope with any conditions to provide our customers only with excellent works; as a result, the money back guarantee is not a regularly used service. Keep in mind, among numerous services we provide our clients with there's an option of free revision too.

If the circumstances of your order match any of those outlined in the next subsections, you have a possibility to use our money-back option. Please note that typically the nuances of your case might influence whether you get a partial or full refund.

100% refund

  1. The same order placed two times
    If you have made two orders which are the same, make sure you contact our support service because it is crucial to inform us as quickly as possible. But, in case the writer is assigned before you speak to our support, you will not get a full refund; therefore place your order very carefully.
  2. Your order is cancelled before we find the writer
    No in-depth clarification is needed in this instance. If we haven't chosen a specialist by the time you cancel the order, you can always get a full refund without any problems.
  3. If there are some complications with finding a qualified writer to complete the order
    We work only with specialists who possess a wide-ranging knowledge of different spheres, but even for experienced workers, it could be hard to handle a heavy workload .
  4. A bill settled twice
    This happens only by accident. Having noticed that you were charged twice for one order - you just need to inform our support about the accident. After that, you need to show us the receipts copies and get your money back.

Partial refund

The customer can receive a part of their money back in the following cases:

  1. Delayed delivery
    Unfortunately, even working responsibly there are some circumstances we cannot foresee. In such a case there might be a number of factors that affect the sum of the refund, so each case is discussed with the client. But, it sometimes is a result of customer's negligence. For example, a delayed upload of necessary materials could slow down the writer. It is obvious that in such circumstances getting a refund would be impossible. Having placed your order, make certain you have sent us all the required materials and documents which can be helpful or vital for your task.
  2. The expert has already been assigned, but you decide to call off your order
    At this point, you'll receive approximately 70% of the whole sum to cover writer's effort with the rest. But if over fifty percent of time remaining to the deadline passed, you would get only 50% of your money back.
  3. Post-submission claims
    In case you aren't content with the result, we offer you a possibility for your claims to be analyzed. A possible refund will be affected by the result of our inspection. However, such situations are very rare because we always strive to satisfy all your demands.
  4. Uncommon cases of plagiarism
    Any buyer, who has shown us the existence of plagiarized materials in the received work is eligible for a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. You expected a higher mark
    We do our utmost to provide our clients only with premium-quality papers, but, unfortunately, those can’t always guarantee the highest mark, as it quite often depends on your teacher’s or professor’s evaluation and your own knowledge on the topic (e.g. when you need to defend it).
  2. Getting "polishing services" (formatting, proofreading, editing)
    If you ask our company to format, edit or proofread your paper, its content material will be kept unchanged When coping with such tasks, we only polish the shape of the paper made by you and cannot alter its content.

Money-back process

Once we verify the refund request, your money will be returned over a period not longer than five workdays. Work only with trusted banks and other institutions to receive your refund since we don’t hold any accountability for any issues with third-party organizations involved in the transaction.

Together with all transaction fees, the refund option is offered as long as its total amount is larger than 10 USD. In addition to the refund itself, you could use your money to spend on our future assistance, saving the refund amount on your personal account.