Absolutely everyone, who made a decision to cooperate with our service, gets a few guarantees. They're vital since we want to keep our customers out of troubles and take care of their rights providing first-class assistance. We realize that everybody needs to be aware of as much information concerning his/her rights as possible. Therefore we share the details on this matter here.

Revision Policy

We would not be so popular if we didn't provide professional writing help and support at every single writing step. In case our customers have some complaints regarding the quality of the paper, we will work with it until you are completely satisfied.

Money-back Guarantee

Another element of our service that makes our customers pleased is a money back guarantee. Our clients can expect to receive a refund, but in some cases, it is partial only. All related information can be found in the Money-Back Guarantee section.

Zero-Plagiarism Guarantee

Our team takes care of the quality of our papers, which is why we work with professional plagiarism checking programs and services. Also, we are always looking for completely new and better methods of refining your paper. Thus, our customers can be sure to receive only thoroughly analyzed and elaborated, top-class and plagiarism-free paper.

Confidentiality & Authenticity Guaranteed!

We care about privacy and originality of the papers as well, and we can certainly guarantee it for every client of ours. There's a strict rule that forbids us to offer one paper twice, which means that originality and private details are absolutely secured with us.

Terms & Conditions

In case our writing service fits your needs, just order a paper you want, but bear in mind that it is only for your personal use. All the orders are prepared by professional writers who give us all legal rights to the writings. We encourage you to go through all conditions carefully to know your rights and responsibilities, making sure that our work together is effective and hassle-free.

Privacy Policy

Our company is modern and professional, so we also have our privacy policy for you to look into. Which means that no third parties will make use of any of your personal data, it is completely safe with us. As for us, we make use of it only for the sake of improving our website and making all of our services even better and more affordable.