Cookie Policy

Why we need cookies?

Cookies are data files, which are stored on your devices with Internet access. Cookies hold data about your visits whenever you open websites using your browser.

We need such files improve different sections of our website and adjust it according to your needs. For instance, you will be kept logged in for a specific period and navigate the website easier.

It’s completely for you to decide what to do with cookies. You can easily erase them in case you don't want us to perform any operations with them. But, with cookies being disabled, the correct work of all features and functions cannot be 100% guaranteed.

What types of cookies utilized?

We make use of session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are kept only while your browser is open. One of the things we utilize them for will be to keep track of your recent page activity, e.g. if it’s the very first time you buy something on the web-site. Persistent cookies are kept even if you closed the web browser; they are also called permanent cookies.

Why we use these files

The order form on our web-site won't work properly without the cookies. Getting our support could turn into an issue should you disable them. So general cookies' functions are:

  • keeping track of the progress of your order
  • checking the users’ login status
  • watching the usage of our anti-plagiarism software
  • enabling customer support via Live Chat
  • monitoring users' activity via Google Analytics

Regarding cookies handling

To erase the internet cookies or not is completely your choice. However, it might be the reason why our website doesn't work correctly on your PC. But if you truly want to do it then you can definitely disable them in the web browser’s controls. All of the necessary directions should be accessible in the help section of your internet browser.

Regarding third parties

Cookies are utilized if clients purchase our services. So, private data will not be sent to anyone that does not take part in the ordering process (pacing, writing, delivering etc.).