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Hamburger Style Essay: Yummy Writing for the Best Grades

Hamburger style essay is a type of essay that resembles a hamburger by its structure. Just like each part of burger plays its role in the taste of the traditional hamburger, so does each segment of an essay, it plays a crucial role in our vision of the essay we’re reading.

People often have tasks to write some sorts of essays, yet they may lack creativity or need a plan to do it. That is where the hamburger model comes into play. It provides a very simple plan that makes it easy for a person to write an essay, even if he or she has never written even a short story, not to mention an essay with research on something.

The idea behind a hamburger style is to make planning an essay outline easy and simple just as simple as hamburger itself is, so that nobody ever had hard times writing an essay about anything he or she desires.

How is your hamburger essay writing done? What is common between this yummy dish and your school assignment? The hamburger method of writing is pretty simple, once you’ve started looking at it. Let’s look at the hamburger model.

Hamburger Model: What Are Its Elements?

Hamburger writing model resembles a hamburger for a reason. Every hamburger is composed of the top bun, then lettuce or onion, tomato, burger and bottom bun. Five parts. Remember this number. You may feel surprised: What’s the catch? What’s in common with essays? Well, here is an answer.

Your essays are also composed of parts, such as introduction, first, second and third paragraphs and conclusion. Five elements. Just like with hamburger. Each hamburger model paragraph plays its own and unique part in forming the way how the reader sees the essay.

Five Paragraph Essay Hamburger: What Are Functions of Each of Them?

Let's look through each of the elements of five paragraph essay hamburger and review them in detail.

  • Introduction or top bun
    Introduction pays perhaps one of the most crucial roles in your essay: It’s the first part that the reader encounters. It must be catchy so that he didn’t lose interest and didn’t stop reading. Also, the introduction is the part where we present the essay’s general idea. It shouldn’t be too specific, but it’s aimed at giving the reader an understanding of what the essay is about.

    Three paragraphs which are called “meat” take most of the essay’s space and are divided into three paragraphs: Point, evidence, and explanation.

  • The first paragraph
    The first paragraph or the point is an argument about something we talk about in the essay. You give your opinion on the matter and write it all. For example, let’s think of some point, like ecology.

    “We should take care of the eco-balance on our planet.”

    We’ve stated about the problem we’re going to write about.

  • The second paragraph
    It’s called an evidence. You give a shred of evidence that supports the point you’ve written before. It must be strong and supportive towards the point. Let’s give an example, again from ecology.

    “We’re putting more effort in the development of green sources of energy.”

    We’re giving evidence for the point. In order to take care of eco-balance, we fund green sources of energy to give evidence that we’re looking after the environment.

  • The third paragraph
    The third paragraph – explanation. It’s aimed at showing how evidence meets the point. It shows what the both have in common. Let’s give another example from ecology.

    “We must protect mother nature because we’re dependent on it and if she dies, we will die as well because we’re part of nature. If we don’t care about nature, we don’t care about ourselves.”

    We bind the evidence with the point. We explain why we must do something.

  • Conclusion
    Just as it says – it is meant to sum up the whole essay and give your final summary, where you tell what you’ve found out during your research and how did it changed the way you see life and everything around you.

Hamburger Essay Format: Why Is It Effective?

Hamburger essay format is that popular because of its simplicity. Just like hamburger, it is composed of five essential components, all of which are easy to make. And to readers, it’s as appealing as hamburger is tasty and really addictive to everyone who likes McDonald's and fast food.

Hamburger Essay Outline: Is It Advisable to Use It?

Hamburger essay is one of the best examples of the perfect essay outline. It is simple and easy to be composed, just like hamburger. Its parts are simple as well if you know what you want to write about.

So whether you’re an experienced essayist or a new writer, hamburger essay model is totally advisable for you to use.