50 Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics to Create a Perfect Work

The main goal of this document is to find and list similar and different things between two, three, or more items (these can be viewpoints, texts, theories, objects, etc.). If you're required to create this work, it is quite important to select a shiny subject for your writing. In our guide, we will share with you our 50 good topics for a comparison and contrast essay to give you maximum interesting ideas.

Choosing a successful subject for your paper will help you to show your writing skills on the highest level. In fact, selecting comparison and contrast essay topics for college students seems not so difficult, but they often choose items that are not simple to contrast. You have to research your subject beforehand to understand if it is easy to contrast items you have selected.

How Can I Structure My Paper Properly?

Needless to say, this paper should be well-structured. It is possible to use three various methods of structuring your paper. We will provide you with detailed information on each method and give various structure examples below. For example, if you are comparing a cat and a dog, feel free to select between these methods of creating your future document:

Method 1. You put half of the comparison in every paragraph. Thanks to this structure, your audience can find similar and different things throughout your work.

Cat & Dog

  • Introduction;
  • Paragraph 1. The color of a cat/ The color of a dog;
  • Paragraph 2. Cat's behavior/ Dog's behavior;
  • Paragraph 3. Benefits of having a cat/ Benefits of having a dog;
  • Conclusion.

Method 2. This writing requires alternating between two things. That is a good method to discuss the details of every point, but you have to focus on similarities of every argument.

Cat & Dog

  • Introduction;
  • Paragraph 1. The color of a cat;
  • Paragraph 2. The color of a dog;
  • Paragraph 3. Cat's behavior;
  • Paragraph 4. Dog's behavior;
  • Paragraph 5. Benefits of having a cat;
  • Paragraph 6. Benefits of having a dog;
  • Conclusion.

Method 3. The first half of your document contains characteristics of the first item, and in the second half, you put characteristics of another item. It is a complex method because the entire work can be one-sided if you didn't give equal time to both items. Another reason you may fall is comparing different features of items in two halves. This method requires a lot of attention and concentration from the writer.

Cat & Dog

  • Introduction;
  • Paragraph 1. The color of a cat;
  • Paragraph 2. Cat's behavior;
  • Paragraph 3. Benefits of having a cat;
  • Paragraph 4. The color of a dog;
  • Paragraph 5. Dog's behavior;
  • Paragraph 6. Benefits of having a dog;
  • Conclusion.

Professional Instructions for Writing a Perfect Work

Use these simple and effective steps to create a great essay:

  1. Select a shiny topic for your future work;
  2. Check out if you will be able to compare chosen things;
  3. Make a detailed outline for your paper;
  4. Write the first draft in accordance with the written outline;
  5. Revise the document to make it clear and logical;
  6. Check your work for any errors.

The Most Bright 50 Topics for Comparison and Contrast Essay

Choosing a good subject for your paper is not always easy, and we want to share our comparison and contrast essay topics list that will be helpful in getting new ideas for writing. We guarantee that after reading, you'll get an inspiration to create a bright and successful story!

Successful Political and Historical Topics

Read our interesting political and historical topics to make a brilliant essay without wasting your time!

  1. Saudi Arabia versus Africa.
  2. Donald Trump's policy and Barack Obama's policy.
  3. China versus Japan.
  4. The American government and the UK government.
  5. Antique Greece and modern Greece.
  6. The Soviet Union and the European Union.
  7. Nazism versus fascism.
  8. Emigrants and immigrants.
  9. Modern schools and schools of the 18th century.
  10. History of Miami versus the history of Hawaii.

Compare and Contrast Topics for Starters

Discover these compare and contrast topics for starters to create a shiny document.

  1. Driving a bicycle and gyro board.
  2. Sending emails and writing paper letters.
  3. Read a book or listen to an audio-book.
  4. To be a woman and to be a man.
  5. Watermelon and melon.
  6. Smartphones and old phones.
  7. Winter holidays and summer vacation.
  8. Fast food and expensive restaurants.
  9. Life in a small town and living in a huge city.
  10. Junk food against good and healthy food.

Battle of the Opposites Essay Topics

Explore this chart of the battle of the opposites essay topics to pick your original topic for writing.

  1. Vegetarians and vegans.
  2. eBay and Amazon.
  3. PlayStation and Xbox.
  4. White race and black race.
  5. Freelancing and working in the office.
  6. Choosing a pet — a cat or a dog?
  7. Online studying and a usual college.
  8. Electronic and printed books.
  9. Living in a house and living in a flat.
  10. Tea and coffee.

Teenage Compare and Contrast Essays

These are 10 bright topics to create marvelous teenage compare and contrast essays.

  1. Addiction to drugs and addiction to computers.
  2. Online-dating and real-life dating.
  3. Falling in love: Ride a roller coaster.
  4. Modern kids and kids that lived in 1900.
  5. Drinking beer with friends and dating with a girl.
  6. Online shopping and going to the store.
  7. Brand clothes or cheap clothes.
  8. A good school teacher and a bad school teacher.
  9. Harry Potter — a book and a movie.
  10. The influence of parents and the influence of teachers.

IT and Social Media Essay Topics

If you are interested in writing a comparison essay in IT sphere, read our list of IT and social media essay topics.

  1. Emails and messengers communication.
  2. Microsoft and Apple.
  3. Laptops and computers.
  4. Windows versus Linux.
  5. IOS and Android.
  6. Online friends and real friends.
  7. Facebook versus Instagram.
  8. Talking to friends on Skype or meeting them in reality.
  9. Viber and Skype.
  10. Texting and calling.

We hope that our article was helpful, and you have got many exciting ideas for creating your paper. Wish you good luck in creating an interesting work!