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Tragic Hero Essay Writing Guidelines

Not every student knows how to create a good tragic hero essay. It is understandable if you are here to get some info and online help. You want to get a high grade for your paper, don’t you?

What is a tragic hero at all?

A tragic hero is a person (in most cases, in literature masterpieces) that counts as a protagonist in tragedy drama. It is the person who has the status of the one with those qualities, for which we consider him as a great and noble man.

Your Best Essay on a Tragic Hero

How to write an essay on a tragic hero? There is nothing really that complicated. All you have to do is to concentrate on the topic and continue writing, in accordance with every point of given requirements.

We have prepared for you a couple of tragic heroes archetypes:

  • Macbeth
  • Antigone
  • Brutus
  • Hamlet
  • Othello

Shakespeare's Famous Macbeth Tragic Hero Essay

Macbeth turned from a smart and fair man into a rude despotic person, but not just immediately. It was smoothly, showing how he got a piece of evil influence.

He was noble by his nature, but eventually, he goes nuts, making witch prophecy his belief. Witches grieve commander (lauding him as the king) and give him false info that he is going to become one. To get it, Macbeth says “yes” to committing a crime (king’s murder).

He hesitates at first, in spite of it, Lady Macbeth seduces him with desirable power, and when commander finishes the crime, he does not get the strength to put daggers, full of blood, to servants, lady decides to go to the spot of crime by herself to smear those, who left, with blood. She was trying to hide this sin.

Antigone Tragic Hero Essay (Sophocles)

Antigone has strong willpower that she shows, fighting against Creonte for the right to bury his brother in accordance with the ancient customs. She respects the ancient law of society with no doubt in its correctness.

Antigone consciously goes towards death, but, like any other person, it is bitter to say “goodbye” to life that promises so much joy. She regrets nothing that happened, only that she is dying and nobody mourns.

With the power of mind and loving heart, Antigone chose her destiny herself, which get Antigone to fight with Creonte that shows the image of a strict ruler, who puts his will above everything.

Shakespeare’s Brutus Tragic Hero Essay

Brutus is a politician of strong beliefs and convictions, and he has his high moral principles. Moreover, he is a sage and a philosopher. Brutus is also a poet (partly).

He took part in Caesar’s murder, as he was convinced that it would be better for Rome city. He did this even though he was Caesar’s close friend, in whose loyalty Caesar had no doubts. After completing the murder, he addresses a speech to people near the Capitol’s walls.

Brutus had no need to use eloquent rhetoric. Although he is a great speaker, now his speech is simple and extremely open. He had nothing hidden, no secret and back thoughts. People listened to him with sympathy and understanding.

But Brutus made another mistake as the politician: he allowed Caesar’s adherent Antonius to speak to people. Cunning Anthony, repeating: "Brutus is a nobleman," skillfully inclines citizens to his side, describing the murder in details (although he was not a witness). Rome, in whose name the conspirators killed Caesar, turns away from them, declaring those as enemies and traitors.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet Tragic Hero Essay

Hamlet became a brilliant example of a humanist, who found himself in an environment that was hostile to humanistic ideas. His father’s murder opens his eyes to the evil that took possession of the country.

He considers his primary duty to find responsible for his death. This desire grows in public debt and raises him to the fights for justice. But with this struggle, Hamlet lingers and blames himself for his inactivity.

At the same time, Hamlet loves Ophelia with all his heart, but she is unhappy with him. His cruelty and insults to her do not mean that he is really cruel and rude person. It means that he greatly loved Ophelia and just was greatly disappointed in love.

Hamlet is famous for his nobility, and almost all of his doings come from his humanistic ideas about what a person should be. He is capable not only of great love but also of being a good friend. He values people, not for their status. He values them for their personal qualities.

Hamlet is a man of philosophical thought. He can comprehend specific facts as an expression of the important phenomenon. But it's not deep thinking that stops him on the way to the real struggle, but the conclusions to which he eventually comes, and sad thoughts about the world surrounding him.

Othello Tragic Hero Essay

The image of the Moor Othello personifies the best features of the 16th-century commander. Othello is courageous and determined. Othello’s appearance also fits these qualities. He is tall and muscular. Strong facial expression and effective eyes make his face attractive.

Although, according to the plan of Shakespeare, Moor Othello is not supposed to be called a handsome man at all. Othello's soul is very kind and trustful, and he also got used to trusting people, so he could not expose the slander about his beloved Desdemona that was spread by the envious Lago. Credulity was the cause of the deaths of Othello and his beautiful wife.

We presented you a couple of archetypes of the most famous tragedies’ heroes, and you could use it in your tragic hero essay. Good luck with writing and getting high grades!