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How to Write The Outsiders Essay? A Difficult But Multifaceted Theme

«The Outsiders» was not written in order to satisfy the young author's desire just to write a book. It was fairly written about a very dark side of American society, which parents are afraid to talk with their children about. Some teachers of literature are afraid to recommend their students to read «The Outsiders.» This book is about class inequality in all its facets. Written by a teenager in one breath, it will always be popular and The Outsiders essays are all as a soul revelation.

S. E. Hinton wrote this book in 1965, but it is still relevant in our days. The author was only 15 years old, and the motive for creating «The Outsiders» was a real event, familiar, perhaps, to many American teenagers. Her friend was beaten by boys from rich neighborhoods. Anyone can express his own experience in The Outsiders book essay — both teenagers from wealthy families, and those who are less fortunate.

The Versatility of the Essay on The Outsiders

The book is written by a teenager for teenagers. But the essay on The Outsiders can be written both as a revelation to peers and as a message to teachers and parents concerned about the problems of «difficult age.» The strongest emotions should be expressed in your text!

What this work will give to the young author:

  • A clearer vision of his personal opinion about the problem of class inequality.
  • The psychotherapeutic effect if the author will express something that disturbs him, personal experience.
  • A realization that the position of a parent in society is not the primary factor of success in school mini-society. There is something more, and it is inside — in the head.

It can be a reflective essay — on emotions, strong thoughts. After reading this book, nobody stays the same. Such literature for adolescents has always been controversial among officials in the field of education. After all, the main idea of The Outsiders is to show the realities of schools: сigarettes, drugs, alcohol, fights, pain, bullying, snobbery, depression, humiliation... There is much to think about and what to write about. At first sight, The Outsiders theme essay may seem complicated, but the main thing is just to start expressing thoughts.

The Outsiders Essay Introduction

The introduction should interest and cause the desire to read the text. For example, you can start from:

  • The global change that the book brought to your life.
  • Some surprising fact from the biography of Hinton, what impressed you.
  • Descriptions of new emotions, which you experienced while working on an essay.
  • Statistics, describing the realities of class inequality in schools.
  • The announcement of interesting facts about the book, which you will reveal in your essay.
  • Questions to which you will find the answers, expressing your thoughts.
  • The reasons, for which you chose this topic and opened it in this version.

Just remember that The Outsiders essay introduction should reflect the essence of the content. Readers should feel your mood and goal of narration.

The Outsiders Essay Body

Try to express each idea in a completely understandable language, so that the reader will not be forced to guess what exactly you wanted to say. While writing a paper, stick to some common theme that corresponds to the title and the introduction. You can add anything important and interesting to the Outsiders essay body:

  • Short quotations from the book;
  • Words of S. E. Hinton from interviews and articles;
  • Statistics about the popularity;
  • The opinion of your parents;
  • Situations from your life that correspond to the topic;
  • The experience of your friends;
  • A description of some events that reflect the main idea of the book;
  • Anonymous comparison of characters (Ponyboy, Soda, Darrel, Dallas, Johnny, Steve, Keith, Sherri, Marcia, Bob, Randy, Tim, Jerry, Buck) with some real teenagers.

That is a topic that will be interesting to read. School grindings and the difference in social status are the things that everyone sees in life.

The Outsiders Essay Conclusion

The conclusion can be short or expanded, and the volume depends on what you want to say. It is the main idea — that we would like to convey to everyone. It can be some clearer thoughts, and not just a conclusion that we are all equal before God. In your “The Outsiders” essay conclusion, try to:

  • Give advice from personal experience;
  • Emphasize the importance of the book for society;
  • Express a personal opinion about the book;
  • Give an assessment of what's going on in your school.

When you have finished The Outsiders essay, consider whether you have expressed everything. Or is there something you did not dare to write? Perhaps this is something that will be the strongest part of the essay, so do not hide your thoughts.

The Outsiders Essay Topics

Basically, if a person read a book or watched a film by Francis Ford Coppola, ideas and topics for this essay arise on their own. But here are The Outsiders essay prompts that can help you:

  1. What is better — a movie or a book?
  2. Can this book become a bad example?
  3. Does this book cause awareness and psychological maturity?
  4. Which of the characters is close to you in spirit?
  5. Why does the class inequality still exist to this day?
  6. Comparison of other literature in the school curriculum and «The Outsiders.»

Susan Hinton has made a small breakthrough in literature. She contributed a book that goes beyond all limits to school libraries. It has a special charm, try to put it in your essay as well.