Persuasive Speech Topics Ideas for Students

Some day, you will be assigned an argumentative speech or a persuasive essay on a particular subject. If you weren't born with convincing chops, it's possible you will find yourself in trouble while trying to write an excellent persuasive speech.

But achievement will be closer if you come up with good persuasive speech ideas. The wisely picked theme is a major aspect here.

A good topic makes almost half of the interesting speech or thrilling piece of writing and underestimating it is a mistake. So, how to discover the best persuasive speech and persuasive essay topics? This advice about a persuasive speech and some subject examples will guide you.

We'll also point out the dissimilarities of the great persuasive speech and essay. Let's start with the following.

Persuasive Speech vs. Essay

Persuasive speech and essay are two different ways of getting to the same place — persuading the audiences to do or think specifically. The goal of both of these types is to convince someone to embrace your perspective through compelling statements.

At the stage of a persuasive speech outline, complete one principal thing. Persuasive public speaking takes place at a specific time in a defined setting with the involvement of certain people. To succeed, the performer needs to have interesting persuasive speech topic ideas that would impact the audience. It is critical to know the target audience well and their issues and troubles, be observant of their opinion on your subject, and only then consider the strongest arguments to win. But this is not the only powerful way of influencing minds. The personality also matters. When you possess strong magnetism and know how to influence the audience and hold their focused gaze, you will find success. The speaker should consider many factors like posture and gesturing, pitch and tone of voice, dress code, and many other things.

When you are working on an essay, it's a different story. You don't have direct contact with your consumer. You can't use your tone of voice to highlight essential things. You also can't give off vibes and enchant with your natural magnetic character. You are in a situation where you must rely on your writing skills alone and a good idea.

These two are different activities, but they are united by a single aim and the necessity to single out a good topic.

So we are close to giving the answer to another inquiry — how to know when the topic is great?

Defining a Great Topic for a Persuasive Speech

Should you pick easy persuasive speech and essay topics? Or give favor a funny persuasive speech idea?

Here are three basic qualities of the topics that would resonate with the public, whichever way you attempt to persuade them — orally or in written form.

It's interesting

This is obvious. However, many speakers and writers fail to recall it. At the stage of choosing a topic, make sure you pick out a subject that is interesting to you and your targeted audience. When you are passionate about the issue, then you will enjoy writing about it. Blend your hobbies and interests with your academic process, it will not only help you to up your academic level but also allow you to enjoy creating. The quality of the final product will be much improved too. Consequently, you will gain more chances to accomplish your task and get your viewpoints across.

When we are talking about the audience, we need to stress that they will pay attention to you or read your paper only if the subject draws interest or responds to their intentions, plans, or goals.

It's emotional

When people feel something about your ideas, they will care and understand your point of view. They might agree or disagree, be angry or happy, feel disgust or pleasure. Evoked emotions will help you win the audience's attention and keep it focused on your ideas.

It's fresh

Picture reading the same book repeatedly. Is it as captivating as it was for the first time when you were just diving into that miraculous world? All the more when you are reading your favorite story again, you are no longer excited to the same extent, because you know what is going to occur next. The same goes for this. How is it possible to excite anyone if they already know your insights? New ideas stick. Especially those that are surprising or unexpected. So choose the fresh topic that hasn't been discussed much, because otherwise, you will lose the attention of your consumer — nobody wants to dwell on something for too long.

Best Topics for an Effective Persuasive Essay or Speech

Look at our list of persuasive speech or essay topics. You can combine, re-arrange, or re-structure the presented topics.


  1. Should public schools include meditation breaks?
  2. Higher education is no longer the attribute of a great mind.
  3. All high school students in the United States have to study a foreign language.
  4. Getting good grades is important for college enrollment.
  5. Do you believe violent video games influence bullying in schools?
  6. College students can use mobile phones to improve their learning habits.
  7. Students should be allowed to choose studying shifts.
  8. Distance studying is more productive for contemporary students.
  9. Bullying at school helps victims grow into strong personalities.
  10. Educators should use social media to communicate with students.


  1. An increase in workers' salaries contributes to higher revenue.
  2. Working as a freelancer in public places can increase productivity.
  3. Do you think machines increase human employment opportunities?
  4. Ten reasons to buy local goods.
  5. Never start a venture with your close ones.
  6. Promoting on social media is a good investment.
  7. You can start your business without the seed capital.
  8. Your character forms your company and attracts buyers.
  9. Why it is beneficial for everyone to delegate and hire people for carrying out different business processes.
  10. The narrower your niche is, the higher your chances for success.


  1. Healthy food options should be present in schools.
  2. Fast food is necessary for your organism and its well-being.
  3. You must eat sugar, even on a diet.
  4. Dieting is a meaningless way of getting ripped off.
  5. Doctors should prescribe contraceptives for women under 16.
  6. The data behind the anti-vaccination ideology.
  7. Why high heels are to be used with caution.
  8. The importance of donating blood and organs.
  9. Why it is vital to be critical and stay calm during a pandemic.
  10. Obesity is the cancer of modern society.


  1. Gymaholics promote certain beauty standard that is hardly accessible for others.
  2. Professional female athletes must have equal pay.
  3. Why are sports cars dangerous on a highway?
  4. Should martial arts not be allowed?
  5. How failures build characters of athletes.
  6. Do electric bikes help you keep fit?
  7. Athletes can be smart — don't be misled by the stereotype.
  8. Not all legendary athletes become great coaches.
  9. Bodybuilding as a women's sport: why women need to work out their muscles.
  10. Cybersport as a modern trend: why gamers are not referred to as professional competitors.

Legal issues

  1. Why should drunk offenders receive stiffer penalties?
  2. How society benefits from the presence of the death penalty.
  3. The reasons why guns should be legal worldwide.
  4. Smoking in public places ban should never be repealed.
  5. How violent offenders should be convicted.
  6. Should gambling be legal?
  7. Where do we toe the line when it comes to torture?
  8. It is not wise to ban abortion and make it punishable.
  9. Why legalizing medicinal weed is an essential step for progress.
  10. People found guilty of animal cruelty should be punished with the most severe penalties.


  1. Why electric cars won't save the environment.
  2. Endangered species are not really endangered: why we shouldn't intrude in natural processes.
  3. We are not sealed in the fossil fuels future — there is a way out.
  4. You shouldn't worry about global warming: it's another stage of the Earth's life.
  5. Should exotic pets be allowed?
  6. Reasons why animal use in circuses needs to be banned.
  7. Hunting animals for no reason needs to be banned.
  8. You can save forests using paper sparingly.
  9. Why alternative energy sources are not popular yet.
  10. How humanity benefits from animal experiments and why it shouldn't be abolished.

Raising kids

  1. Should teenage children be allowed to drink and smoke?
  2. Limitless internet access adds to kids' self-education.
  3. Should we give children the freedom to make their own choices from a young age?
  4. Misunderstanding between generations ruins families.
  5. Santa Claus: what is the best age for the youngster to find out the reality.
  6. SOS! My child is a blogger! Why parents should not create drama.
  7. The academic success is not the final goal.
  8. Should the child know about family violence, or is it wiser to hide it?
  9. Why hyper-caring will infantilize your child.
  10. Why your kid should know making mistakes is okay.

A good persuasive essay topic is worth a lot. We have given you some clues and gathered popular potential subjects. A few of them are trivial, but others inspire to take a look at an issue from an unusual and unorthodox angle. Creativity is a big part of any kind of writing and is worth a lot in the eyes of others.

So grab these ready-made simple persuasive speech topics and get ready for a thrilling speech or easily writing your own paper.