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Marijuana Legalization Essay: Things to Note for a Good Paper

Sometimes essay topics can be easy. Sometimes they are complicated. And sometimes they are very controversial. This time we have faced the last lone. Marijuana, like any other drug, is a very acute topic that raises discussion in almost every gathering of people. The debates about the legalization of this drug are not going to stop.

Right now this question is a part of the agenda of many governments. That is why a marijuana legalization essay can be your biggest writing success. At the same time, it is able to ‘bury’ you if it is written inaccurately. What must be considered in order to compose a good paper? In five minutes of reading you will be packed and loaded will all sufficient information concerning this essay writing.

Writing a Marijuana Legalization Persuasive Essay

An assignment of this type is very dangerous when it has got a controversial issue. Persuasive writing is a paper where you need to persuade a reader from your point of view, support one of the accepted approaches and prove that you are right. The essay on legalization of marijuana of this type firstly requires making the final decision from an author.

Decide right here and right now: are you against or not against marijuana legalization in your country, region, or city? Think how your decision will affect the people around you. Your choice will become an essence of your persuasive essay on legalization of marijuana.

Then start gathering arguments. A good approach to understand this essay is to attend the debates club. There, people always have to protect their points of view that concern various topics. The marijuana legalization persuasive essay must not convince people to break the law. Never.

Marijuana Legalization Argumentative Essay and its Underwater Stones

This form of essay writing is similar to the previous one. However, the main point is not persuading a reader about something, but gathering all existing arguments around the topic. An author cannot choose his or her own point of view concerning marijuana this time unless they pick topics by themselves. The attitude to the marijuana is reflected in the topic.

It may sound like: ‘Marijuana saves a lot of lives,’ or ‘Marijuana — a cause of one-third of small crimes in the USA.’ In the marijuana legalization argumentative essay opinion of experts plays the vital role. So, before starting the paper, make sure you have found some interesting and relevant information about the question by a professional.

The argumentative essay can also use some foreign information. Trying to get facts to support your paper from other countries is a good approach. In the argumentative essay study abroad specialists and statistics that concern the use and legalization of marijuana can be a final argument.

Writing the Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization Essay

In this type of essay, full knowledge of the problem is required from an author. Unfortunately, this time a strong personal attitude will not do good for the paper. You have to find both good and bad sides of marijuana legalization.

And again, the experience of other countries or cities can become a decisive feature of your paper. The structure of this essay is quite simple. The body can be formed in two different ways:

  • you can name a problem, and then compare legalization and ban of marijuana around it;
  • you can just list good and bad sides of the legalization one by one.

In general, the pros and cons of marijuana legalization essay can be the toughest one as you have to get the informational background fully.

What Are the Aspects of Marijuana Legalization Essay Outline?

The outline of the essay will strongly depend on the type of the essay you have chosen. The essay form determines not only the contents but the special flow of the information.

In general, we can divide each paper into three traditional parts: an engaging introduction, the main body, and a completed and clear conclusion. Sometimes, if needed, a brief literature review can be added. Here is a sample marijuana legalization essay outline for you to use:

  • Introduction
    • Why is the problem of marijuana legalization still actual?
    • Why must this essay become a final argument in the debates?
  • Body
    • Here you will have to represent the information, arguments, comparisons concerning the problem. Structure them according to the type of the essay.
  • Conclusion
    • Here you have to sum up all the information you have gathered, prove or disprove the thesis statement of the essay and point out the urgency of the problem.

All in all, this topic can be a little bit dangerous if it is uncovered poorly. But you will never think about its relevance. Marijuana will stay one of the main aspects of the modern life for a long time. We hope you will understand and note our tips and use them to write your perfect essay.