Funny and Serious Informative Speech Topics and Ideas for Your Class

Giving objective data without favoring a specific opinion – that is what an informative speech is primarily used for, and the idea of it is to present the topic to an audience. The process of creating a speech like this might seem dull. However, it requires creativity in the approach. Your aim is to examine and explain the issue or some topic so the audience has zero or minimum questions left after the presentation.

When it comes to crafting good informative speeches, college students need to carefully examine the problems that are appealing and relevant for the community and offer an element that would be thrilling to investigate. The idea is not to let people yawn and fall asleep. The essay’s structure, on which an informative speech needs to be based, is a chronology that clears up things for the audience. Rationality needs to be put in every written sentence.

The most vital part is picking out the most pertinent informative speech topics. Sometimes it is hard to choose as a variety of things to explore in the contemporary world is massive and seems unlimited. It can be a challenge to narrow down the possible list of creative, innovative ideas — general stuff won’t work! The audience will get lost in a mist of points.

For instance, instead of discussing all the authors of violent, art-house movies, you can pick the works of Quentin Tarantino and reflect on the whole genre based on his best films. You may pick hard rock bands from Great Britain instead of talking about the different types of UK musicians. Once you have decided on the topic, begin the next stage, which is research.

Before submitting an informative essay topic, an author must chase the proper crowd and define its interests and problems. People prefer speeches that tell how to solve a particular issue. The problem-solution model works! To deliver a great informative speech, use the same language as your target audience – avoid terms and slang words they might not be aware of (or explain such words in your presentation).

The aim is to make sure everyone grasps the subject. This is the reason why you should try to sound plain and clear (for the more detailed info, anyone can always get more sources after the presentation). Do not forget to have time for questions after every slide. This way, the presenter can express respect for the people, and ensure everyone is interested in the selected topics.

When working on your own paper, do not forget to come up with a powerful thesis statement, which is the main argument of the entire project. It is not the same as the topic! It needs to be one or two sentences highlighting the importance of the project, or the researched subject, or question. You won’t seem persuasive to anyone without forming a thesis.

Those are the basic steps for working with informative speaking. Since high school, we are taught to create and show something in public. This ability is required in many aspects of your life (or it will be helpful in many life situations), so we need to keep examining the structure of the paper you need as well as informative paper themes.

Different Types of Informative Speeches to Keep in Mind

At the specific academic level, a student may be asked to write an informative speech of the particular type. Each of them has its goals and purposes. The outline depends on the kind of speech you choose.

  • Descriptive
    It is the simplest one — an author should help the readers picture the discussed topic with the help of adjectives, adverbs, examples, and cases. Example: a general informative speech about South Korea and the culture of its people.
  • Demonstrative
    The speaker should explain how to do something (like in a how-to guide). An example of a demonstrative informative presentation could be a presentation on how to use an artificial intelligence platform or tool for business.
  • Explanation or interpretation
    State and interpret the subject of your project. One may want to discuss how contemporary feminism affects men. If you are using a style specific to the covered niche, add one slide with the glossary where you define the words and phrases that might sound unfamiliar to your audience.
  • Definition
    This one is the most complicated type of informative speech as a certain level of research is required to interpret a concept, theory, or hypothesis. There could be some topics related to carbon dioxide emissions. A writer should check the most recent sources and use specific terms to prepare professional speeches like these for the target audiences.

If you’re doing a presentation online, a keyword outline is the preferred option. Just like with essay writing, a speech must contain an introduction, main body, and concluding part, but an outline can be based on buzzwords defined with the help of special SEO tools (some of them you can find for free). One can choose speech themes based on such apps.

Throughout the course of your writing, repeat the most crucial info no less than two times. The audience might start falling off track (hopefully, not asleep), as the speech might take more than 10-15 minutes, which is the recommended time. It makes sense that some topics require more time to be covered. When planning the chronology of your speech, take into account the possible time the audience needs to ask questions and obtain answers or hints.

The most important step is to create a powerful CTA. It is hard to picture a good informative speech without a call-to-action that will motivate the audience to keep on researching the topic or trying to find solutions to the raised problem. If your text has nothing to do with marketing, CTA still matters. The idea is to influence the consumer so they collect more facts and data on the explored topic because it is relevant.

The main idea of this article is to share the best speech topics with you. In the upcoming sections, you will find plenty of ideas for your speech you can use for both homework assignments and public speaking.

Interesting Informative Speech Topics on General Things

Ready to get some great informative speech topics? Do not waste time generating ideas using online apps for writers – we have collected the most outstanding and time-tested speech topic ideas!

  • The origins and purposes of the women liberation movement
  • The risks associated with genetically modified crops
  • Albert Einstein’s contributions to theoretical physics
  • The beginning of the Wall Street Movement
  • The reasons for the Chinese stock market to crash
  • Historical evolution of Eastern-European culture
  • The history of different countries that co-founded America
  • The period of the Great Depression in the US: the consequences
  • The results of social studies on people with neurasthenia

You can grab more topics from other sources. You can go to the college library and look through the outdated archives, but it is better to look for ideas on the web, as your readers expect to learn something new. The topic needs to be fresh, meaning no older than 5-10 years!

Funny Informative Speech Topics

Are you looking for a fun informative speech? You can not be serious in all life situations — your audience will remember and appreciate you for a great sense of humor! Here are some of the primary ideas to use in your presentations with this approach:

  • The funniest things on social media that work
  • Why the best Hollywood actors are really the worst performers
  • Female athletes face: a call for feminism or something else?
  • Is it fair to judge people by their pets?
  • Global warming from the perspective of Greta Thunberg
  • Comparing the evolution of monkeys to the evolution of humans
  • How single men celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • How to get the best online jobs doing almost nothing
  • Things that make mothers better parents than dads

Controversial Informative Speech Ideas

These are not easy informative speech topics! In such presentations, the authors should think about different sides of the coin, introducing arguments and counterarguments (without supporting a specific position):

  • How USSR and Germany view the Second World War
  • Why some people blame reality shows while others defend them
  • The outcomes of inflation for people owning different currencies
  • Pros and cons of gun control in the United States
  • The impacts of climate changes: the advantages of this phenomenon
  • Two aspects of the birth control measures in China
  • Male and female college sports teams
  • Same-sex marriage issue and the government’s reaction
  • The existing public school policies that contradict human rights
  • Is our society over-regulated?

You may add a bit of personal opinion, but do not go overbroad! Keep in mind the subject matter – do not go off-topic!

No matter what you need an entertaining informative speech or a descriptive presentation with no humor involved, you can get inspired by our list of topics. At our service, we have a wide range of subjects to choose from. You’ll be amazed by the best speech topic ideas we have discovered for you!