Research Paper and Argumentative Essay Topics: 75 Compelling Research Ideas

By being observant and having well-developed analytical skills, you can notice an argument in everything around you. A simple conversation with a friend about the importance of a university diploma, a discussion of your favorite characters, or an article in the New York Times, an analysis of the theory you heard during the last lecture. These are arguments, but each of them has its own approach and even a preparation strategy. Sometimes, you may need a thorough study of relevant information sources related to the subject matter to analyze the topic from different sides, and sometimes you can deal with an argument guided only by your subjective opinion. But that is not the best option.

Therefore, anything can become the center of a discussion. However, here we will talk about arguments in the world of academics. It is students who frequently encounter assignments to write different papers where the main purpose is to discuss a particular concept or idea, substantiate their analysis with solid facts, and refer to reliable sources that can show the relevance of the selected question. So, in this extensive guide, we’re going to cover an issue of argumentative essay and research paper topics.

You may ask why we have decided to combine argumentative topics for these two assignments. We have an answer that will make things clear. Both these tasks can be assigned in middle school, high school, or during your college education. And, many people who deal with academic writing don’t see the similarities between these two school projects:

  • Shed light on the debatable argumentative topics and discuss them from different perspectives.
  • Refer to different supporting evidence to prove the validity of a particular subject matter.
  • May not answer the main question directly, but always prove such a subject has a place to be and should be discussed.
  • Each of them shares the language of a persuasive essay: confident, well-organized, and convincing.

Therefore, it will be logical to consider argumentative research paper topics along with those for your essay of this type.

Argumentative Essay Ideas — Where to Look?

When it comes to argument papers, topics are one of the main concerns for many students. Here, one is a scientist looking for an issue worth investigating. You need to follow some requirements, and that is what makes good argumentative essay topics. So, for example, if you brainstorm a subject matter and pick ideas that can be a solid ground for your assignment, save only those with one of the following concepts underlying them:

  • Claim
    An argument type that allows transforming the topic into your thesis statement the audience should agree with.
    Nowadays, there is a great need for regulations to be implemented in our healthcare system.
  • Warrant
    An idea that not only presents ones’ stance but is linked to the facts that the audience is aware of.
    Considering the consequences of the coronavirus, we must understand the necessity of new healthcare system regulations.
  • Qualifier
    Aa way of choosing a topic with the help of a somehow limited statement. Here, one doesn’t claim their idea to be the only right one but formulates the issue in a way that strengthens it and makes it easier to support.
    The current situation shows some aspects of the healthcare system need attention and require taking measures that can help lessen the possible dramatic consequences of a pandemic.
  • Rebuttal
    A good argumentative essay topic based on presenting views that are opposite to the author’s ones.
    Although the healthcare system is overloaded already, we must not neglect the safety measures that can protect our health. Without even being involved in this area, we can help save time, effort, and even lives.
  • Backing
    A way of formulating the main idea while referring to other argumentative questions related to the subject matter (i.e., an issue highlighted in one of the works cited).
    Taking into account the possible United States crisis after the quarantine, people might think of what they can do themselves, without waiting for a healthcare system to change.
  • Grounds
    Presenting a concept or idea that was fundamental for one while choosing a topic.
    The government is worried about even more losses after the pandemic peak if appropriate healthcare and individual measures wouldn’t be taken.

Six main approaches to finding unique argumentative essay topics for your own paper will be examined. Each of them implies different intentions and can affect your writing as well as the presentation of supportive evidence for your stance.

The Essence of Argumentative Assignments

As we mentioned above, a good idea for argumentative tasks involves analysis, critical thinking, as well as enough references to reliable sources of information. You can write on different argument paper topics. The range is wide: society, education, politics, information technology and social networks, the environment, etc. Below, we will discuss the most relevant areas to look for argumentative essay ideas, but first, we would like to recall the specifics of this type of academic assignment.

The first thing to mention is the length of a paper you have to prepare. Here, we’re talking about research papers and essays, so we will focus on comparing these two assignments.

Most frequently, essays are much shorter than research papers, as they don’t imply a thorough analysis of the main topic and sources or the division of the entire work into structural parts with specific titles and subtitles. A great argumentative essay is an opportunity for a student to express their opinion on a particular subject matter and provide an overview of various facts that can strengthen the main statement and make readers understand the importance of the emphasized issue. Such an assignment doesn’t require coming up with an academic contribution. Here, the main aim is to assess a student’s competence in a subject as well as their ability to be analytical, search for relevant information, and prepare coherent texts.

An argumentative research paper can be called a more demanding task. Before proceeding with its preparation, one must precisely determine the aspect of the assigned topic that they want to explore. Then, it’s necessary to explain in detail why the chosen question is worth considering and what the aim of the whole research is. While dealing with such an investigation, one has to follow research paper format standards. That implies structuring the text, so it has several separate informative sections. Those are research methods or a description of the practical application of the study results devoted to the examination of research paper topics in different contexts. That will provide a deeper and more detailed analysis. Also, this task has a more formal and scientific tone of voice. Unlike an essay, there is no place for beautiful descriptions and stylistic devices — only well-proven facts and solid analysis of the argument.

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Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Now, we are ready to approach our top 75 ideas to help you find the arguments for your essays and research papers. But since the spectrum of possible prompts is extremely wide, we prefer narrowing it down to the five main aspects of our lives:

  • Society
  • Sports and health
  • Education
  • Technologies and social media
  • Environmental problems

These areas cover the most thought-provoking issues and questions. If you manage to make relevant argumentative research topics out of those, you can be confident in the success of your assignment. So, let’s start!


Every day we deal with different social issues without noticing it. But, you can also find burning questions around us that need to be answered. Below, you can find argumentative essay topics and prompts you can use for your research papers as well.

  1. As society progressed, women have always been expected to behave particularly. What stereotypes and social stigmas still put pressure on women?
  2. Do you believe people are never satisfied with themselves and the things they possess?
  3. What are the main workplace issues, both men and women encounter?
  4. The role of dress codes and clothes in a way people treat each other.
  5. Does the fact that a woman is still viewed as a symbol of family influence society?
  6. How can the image of females in cinema affect society? Provide the arguments for the statement made.
  7. Sexual orientation as a reason for bullying at school or in the workplace.
  8. The main change in society that has occurred over the past five years.
  9. Legalization of abortion: pros and cons.
  10. The way prejudices and stereotypes can become obstacles to one’s successful career path.
  11. The problem of unemployment and homelessness — the initiatives the state can take to manage it.
  12. The death penalty as the least effective way to combat crime.
  13. Suicide as a social phenomenon that is traumatic for others.
  14. What are the main steps toward significant social changes?
  15. Transgender men and women and the attitude of society toward them.

Sports and Health

It is said there is no health without sport. However, even this statement may be the basis for the most controversial argumentative essay. Let’s look at the topics you can use here.

  1. Playing video games as a progressive kind of sport.
  2. Music can make exercising more effective.
  3. The danger of football matches.
  4. The importance of cheerleading for boosting a team spirit.
  5. The reason for such violent sports as boxing not being prohibited.
  6. Is there a need to pay college football players?
  7. Stereotypes about women doing “masculine” sports.
  8. The necessity of animal-involved sports to be banned.
  9. An argument for soccer to become another major sport in America.
  10. Students involved in sports shouldn’t sacrifice their academic success.
  11. The issue of athletes doing drugs.
  12. Inappropriate behavior of a coach may lead to an athlete having mental issues.
  13. The importance of Paralympics for adequate society.
  14. Coronavirus and its impact on illegal immigration issues.
  15. The need for healthcare system regulations to be updated regularly.


After going through sports argumentative essay topics, it is impossible to neglect the issues of the educational system. As a student, you are aware of the relevant academic questions. And, some of those should be used as controversial argumentative essay topics. We offer you our variants as well — you may find some original ideas below.

  1. Why should students be allowed to use their phones during classes?
  2. Social networks as the best way to collect information for research papers.
  3. The benefits of musical training for the learners’ mental health.
  4. Why shouldn’t professors neglect using social media platforms?
  5. The positive influence of online classes on students’ performance.
  6. Why there shouldn’t be separate schools for girls and boys?
  7. The best ways to manage cheating on the exams.
  8. The importance of including sex education in middle and high school curriculums.
  9. Why it is beneficial to have lectures and seminars with a school psychologist in a school program.
  10. Are grades important?
  11. Why aren’t grades reasonable indicators of a student’s competencies and skills?
  12. What is school really teaching us?
  13. Academic art classes as killers of real creativity.
  14. Why there’s no need for grades?
  15. A school prom as a social concept.

Technologies and Social Media

Those are classical argument essay topics because we live in an era of technologies and internet connections. What can you base your argument on as a child of social media?

  1. Why spending days online isn’t an addiction anymore.
  2. Is googling the best way to solve a problem?
  3. How can scrolling Facebook feed affect your mood?
  4. Social influencers and their useless informational products.
  5. Is being a blogger the most profitable job today?
  6. Real photographs are much more valuable than digital ones.
  7. Use of technology for education.
  8. AR and VR as tools for learning.
  9. The way people create false images of themselves on social platforms.
  10. Snapchat filters and how they affect our sense of self.
  11. Working remotely — the lost team spirit.
  12. The ways teenagers make money online and why it is dangerous.
  13. Did cooperation become easier with the internet?
  14. The issue of compulsive online shopping.
  15. Gambling as a problem in today’s society.

Environmental Problems

Today, you can hear a lot of public speakers dwelling on argumentative speech topics on the environment. That is not surprising. We live every day thanks to the air in our lungs and the sun above our heads. That is why focusing on environmental issues would be a great topic for the research paper as well as any other assignment.

  1. Why should people consider going vegan?
  2. The exploitation of animals is the most harmful thing to our planet.
  3. Coronavirus: bad for people, good for the environment?
  4. Should recycling laws be created in all countries?
  5. The benefits of a vegetarian diet — physical and mental.
  6. What makes Japan able to survive earthquakes?
  7. Responsibility for environmental issues — society or government?
  8. Why should people prefer zero-waste products?
  9. How is deforestation interconnected with our standards of living?
  10. Advancements that harm the balance of the environment.
  11. Plastic — one-minute convenience that costs us our health.
  12. Minimalism as a lifestyle worth considering.
  13. Why it is important to be a reasonable consumer.
  14. Are people responsible for global warming?
  15. Should companies neglecting the waste-management regulations be shut down forever?

Now, these are the argumentative essay and research topics that you cannot touch on. It’s time to choose one that attracts you the most and prepare a top-notch assignment. And, if you’re still hesitating, or the time is against you — just remember that we are always online to provide you with the best writing assistance you deserve.